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YG’s “My KRAZY LIFE” Official Private Listen Session- Chucks and Trees

The Life As Shay Report:
When I tell you I be out here in LA feeling like I was born on the wrong coast, I MEAN IT. I don’t know what Compton does to me but I love everything about it. YG’s Official Listen Party for his debut album, My Krazy Life, was hosted by Karen Civil and took place at a secret location in the Melrose District March 9th. Let me give you the run down OK…you walk into the venue that it’s an art gallery storefront with wide open space, overhead spot-lighting and cement floors. The walls are covered with photos of YG, his people and graffiti.
Continue back and there is another gallery area of West Coast greats, there were many but I recall catching a glimpse of Eazy-E. But this room isn’t it, there’s more…so by this time the anxiety is building, “Where am I going? What to expect?” Then I walk into this open out door space that feels like a backyard…I look up and see Chucks hanging from wires and the horizon was lined with the silhouette of Trees (both kinds that LA is known for Palm and Green) By the way these were YG’s actual shoes that he wore when he would out in the streets. The set-up was done well, let me paint this picture:
MyKrazyLife- LifeAsShay1
There was tacos, rice and beans…please hold for the people that made the food ‘cause it was too good. It felt like a family cookout, everyone was gathered in love and support for YG and the best part about it, it was also his Birthday. They even had a Margarita bar! (What’s that? It’s an open bar with hella Margaritas in different flavors). Picture booth, lots of cool ass signage and posters all around the venue and front and center was the stage. YGKaren Civil and Nipsey Hussle took the stage and introduced the album and then it went off…
But when they started to play the album, everyone went stone-face quiet for a split second. It was like Ohhh Shhiiiii, this is really about to be a West Coast classic. I am choosy with the music and listen with an ear of intent to tell the truth about what I hear so that I can share my honest opinion with you guys and basically…YG got 1( 2 and 3) with My Krazy Life. I literally cannot wait for the album to drop. YG explained that it’s a concept album that it truly tells the story of his life; it even starts with a skit of his Moms. I would have to say that Young Compton is really taking over the industry. Respect where Respect is due. I can’t really sum up what I heard in words other that “DAMMNNNN IT’S HARD!”
For the record too, YG ain’t a stingy artist either. He had all his people on stage with him rocking out and sharing that moment of pride and excitement. Have you ever seen someone share their creative work with people for the first time, and they look so confident in the product yet humbled by the opportunity? I did, it was truly inspiring.
Chucks and Trees.
My Krazy Life dropping 3.18.14. Go cop you one.

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