Everyone is talking about how they have zero “F’s” to give. Usually people who claim to have “zero F’s” really don’t have any to give because they are holding them all inside, to themselves; in the form of worry. That’s right, you know you’re “worried” because “you DO care.” But the issue arises when you care too much about the WRONG THINGS! To really get to the nitty grit, “Worry is the worst.” So bad that it can kill you. Mad extreme, but it’s that real. Until recent years, I never realized how much I worried about every damn thing. Worry is tricky because it’s a thin line between danger zone “Worry” and safety zone “Concern/Caring.” They are actually synonymous. It’s just that one tips the scale on the negative side, while the other is neutral or positive.

Please don’t get me wrong, you should definitely care and have concern for people and certain things in life. But you should not worry. The difference is that worry is burdensome, induces anxiety and results in fear. All BAD, BAD, BAD. Next time you find yourself worried about something, ask yourself “What do I fear?” You might be surprised to find that your fear is surmountable and most times IRRELEVANT to what you have going on.

You can still live and be worry-free, even when you have very real things that people think you “should” be worried about. Yessss, those bills will still be there. Why worry? You’re going to have to pay that student loan whether you stress about it or not. Your best bet is to find a solution. Considering worry from that loan, your fear may be that your credit will be ruined or that earnings may be garnished. Both of which are real possibilities, but if you live your life thinking the worst to come out of each situation you’re already half-way in the grave. And I mean that. Change your thinking.

It’s imperative that you see your cup as “half-full.” Change your thinking King, lift your head Queen. The world is already doing a great job at beating your down, you can’t allow YOURSELF to beat YOURSELF down. (Doesn’t even sound right, does it?)


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