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Wiz Khalifa’s “Man of The Year” Redo- Smoker’s Anthem

The Life As Shay Report:

This post is brought to you by Kay B. (My Mimi Me). Wait, should I be concerned that my little sister produced this “weed-accurate” post lol? Ion know ya’ll…

The newest smokers’ anthem is by Wiz Khalifa…which happens to be a remix/redo of  ScHool Boy Q’s “Man of the Year.” Q may be the man of parties but by dropping this song Wiz made sure people know (like we didn’t already know) that he is the man of blowing trees. He made it clear that all he does is smoke weed and turn up. In this song, he got real specific. He said what type of weed he roll up, where he smoke, when he smoke, and how much he smoke in a week. See if you can find the answers to these questions and leave the answers in the comment section.


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