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Winners of the Top 5 HIP HOP Beefs of 2014

The Life As Shay Report:

Check out my Top 5 Beefs of 2014 and see who took home the WIN!!

#5 Chris Brown vs. The Cast of “The Real”
One day, ON LIVE TV, Adrienne Bailon and Tamar Braxton thought it a good idea to have a chat about Chris Brown and his very public and messy relationship with Karrueche Tran. Well he took to instagram and ripped them both a new one! Haha!!

WINNER: Chris Brown

#4 Drake vs. Diddy
“O to 100” kept Drake in heavy rotation for months at a time but it also got him popped in the face. Apparently Diddy thought Drake stole the track and decided to give him a good ole knuckle sandwich over it.

WINNER: Tie!! Drake had a hit and Diddy made a hit.

#3 Lil Wayne vs. Cash Money
Looks like the grass is not as green as their cash money. Lil Wayne shocked the industry with his allegations of Baby, Cash Money’s CEO, defaulting on payments and advances. Looks like a big mess with Young Thugger and Rich Homie playing some role in the twisted turn of industry beef between Wayne and Cash Money.

WINNER: Cash Money.Lil Wayne is still saying saying “Sorry for the Wait.”

#2 Snoop Dogg vs. Iggy
Like most beefs, this one ended in a great big apology. But that was not until after Snoop assaulted everything about Iggy’s being in an aggressive verbal spanking. It was not only wrong for woman, it was wrong for all of mankind.

WINNER: Iggy. TI had that apology come quick.

And of course coming in at #1 we have the Jay-Z and Solange elevator fight. Now considering that they are brother and sister-in-laws, they might not take too kindly to it being called a “Beef” but when people get to fighting, kicking and throwing punches…and we have video to prove it….IT’S A BEEF!! #WhereWasKingBeyInTheElevator

WINNER: Solange. She beat him up the most powerful man in Hip Hop and walked out with her wig in tact.

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