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#What’s In My Ear Wednesday–DANNY BROWN’s “OLD”

The Life As Shay Report:  
Today is “What’s In My Ears” Wednesday and I NEED to share what I’m listening to. Today features this gold nugget that dropped yesterday–>Old by DANNY BROWN.

When you think of Danny Brown all kinds of things may come to mind–his crazy hair, his interesting set of choppers or his inebriated aura of “Turn up, Turn up!” When I say Danny Brown, some people may even say “Who?”
 So let me put ya’ll on.

With those things standing, don’t forget to add “Dope Artist” to the list. Sometimes, MOST TIMES, I have no idea what he’s saying but it sounds good and I like it very much, thank you! Wild and Crazy, like pots and pans colliding, and cats screeching…but in harmony, to the beat, with composition and point.

Crazy right? I know, I know! But I love it! 
Danny is talented enough to put on that “wild boy” style and then bring it back to the essence of hard rap with tracks like Gremlins and Torture.
THE WHOLE ALBUM IS FIRE! A well-rounded project: Side A vs. Side B. Here are a few of my favorites from his NEW Album Old (which by the way, I HIGHLY recommend you check out):
Dip (Check out the video and see what I mean when I say things like “pots and pans…cats
screeching…wild and crazy”- But the song bangs!)

Video Courtesy of dannybrownbruhbruh


We up here feat. Ab Soul
25 Bucks feat. Purity Ring
Dope Fiend Rental feat. School Boy Q
Smokin & Drinkin 
Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think my Music Babies.

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