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Why Nancy Grace’s Pot Interview with 2 Chainz Was Not Funny

The Life As Shay Report:

Ok, so I did laugh a bit. But that was only at the end when 2 Chainz referenced “sneakin’ and geekin’” referring to the usage of drugs that don’t have tell-tale signs like the distinctive smell of marijuana. Now, let me back all the way up! For starters, there is something to be said about 2 Chainz’s willingness to even go on the Nancy Grace’s show to play her opposite in a debate on the legalization of Marijuana. The woman is crazy and is hell-bend on spinning stories to her liking with convoluted, biased reasoning. She’s rather good at it too. That’s what makes her so compelling.

But I must say watching her attempts to intimidate and belittle 2 Chainz was way less than funny. First, she plays scenes from his song “Birthday” featuring Kanye West and sites the half-naked woman with tight clothes, that have nothing to do with the argument…Here she is trying to paint a picture of someone with low morals and tie in the images from the video as the effects and lifestyle of all marijuana users. Then she has a field day with his former rap names, (former) “Titty Boi” and (current name) “2 Chainz.” That’s not all, she goes on frame 2 Chainz as leading the masses to irresponsible drug use while he is this disconnected, well to do, above the law, wealthy college educated man that does not have to deal with the consequence of negligent drug use. How did she do this? Nancy showed videos of parents that had given there toddlers blunts to smoke, it short it was footage of high babies. How horrible. I guess all people that smoke do this to their children, as Grace’s argument would insinuate.

Watch the videos below to see how 2 Chainz defends himself and the Legalization of Weed.

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