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Who is FKA Twigs? Sade & Björk’s Love Child

The Life As Shay Report:

I slide on over to check out SZA‘s video for “Babylon” (below) and stubbled upon FKA Twigs. If her name doesn’t get you to wondering, her exotic look certainly will. FKA stands for formerly known as…and Twigs was her name from the dance scene in London due to her cracky bones. This British musician and dancer made her debut with her self-released EP BandCamp and released a video for each song on the project. Her sound is angelic and melodic with a pure innocence that is piercing. She is a cross between Sade and Björk– with Sade‘s sensuality and gentle spirit and Björk‘s eclectic subject matter and delivery. “Water Me” was the first video I saw and song heard of FKA Twigs… check it out below. FKA Twigs is intensely interesting in an odd way that will make you want to hear more!

SZA- Babylon

FKA Twigs- Water Me

Check out FKA Twigs’ performance of “Hide” in the Mayan Ruins.

1 thought on “Who is FKA Twigs? Sade & Björk’s Love Child

  1. Peeped the Water Me video first and I definitaly agreed with the Bjork comparison. Then i peeped the Hide video and I see where the Sade comparison came from. She definitely is a beautiful mix of the two. Her sound is so unique, she’s next for sure. I’m lovin her sound. I need to know who produces for her cause they doin the dang thang… #YupYup

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