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‘White House Down’ Movie Review–Rated: #LetUsPray

The Life As Shay Report:
Broadcasting live, I have the Official Life As Shay Report REVIEWING THE NEW “WHITE HOUSE DOWN!” 
Last week Gloria and Matt Barnes hosted an early screening of the Colombia Picture’s White House Down and you know I attended, and YOU KNOW-KNOW  I HAVE YOUR REPORT!
Should you see it, OR NOT?? Uhh, yea–Now I KNOW I TELL YA’LL TO SEE MOVIES OFTEN. But this one here—IT’S A “SEE-ER”, all things considered, but I will give you my “honest-to-goodness” run-down.
The movie started off slow, VEEEERRRYYYY slow actually! But once the momentum picked up I was glued to the screen. At one point I didn’t even want to go to the restroom, I could not peel my eyes from the screen!
At the root of it all this is a love story filled with ACTION, GUNS, MISSION LAUNCHERS and HI-TECH GADGETS set to a political backdrop. 
The love story is one of a daughter and father finding their way back to respect and appreciation for one another.  She: a know-it-all pre-teen living  with her mom. He: a hard-working dad trying to make ends meet and be there for his daughter, but often falling short when it matters the most. They repaired their stressed relationship through the “taking down of the White House…”  
You wouldn’t believe how a series of well-orchestrated events lead them to be in the mist of the worst crisis America has never seen since 1814 (little nugget of history there), and I hope we NEVER-EVER again get to see a calamity of this magnitude (in real life or film).  This was a #LetUsPray movie, with aircraft being shot out of the sky and the President getting chased around The White House by goonies— I would sure hope no one gets any brilliant ideas from this film.  
Jamie Foxx stars in the movie as the US’ African-American Commander in Chief and of course, and as I am sure was expected, in this role he resembles our current President. It felt like a mockery of the President in many ways and I found that to be very disappointing. Not that Jamie Foxx‘s  physical appearance resembles that of our President but his mannerisms and characteristics were alarmingly similar—Jordans/basketball, smoking cigs and his diction, just to name a few.

To have the story of someone taking down The White House under the Presidency of a Commander and Chief that appears to be mocking our current President can be a bit eerie. 
HOWEVER–I do know that there were some unforgettable action scenes that were SIMPLY PRICE-LESS! Imagine the bad guys chasing the President and his secret service agent around The White House lawn in circles as they shoot at his bullet proof truck with machine guns—real front lawn shoot out! #LetUsPray
In one scene the President turned into an OG and shot a turbo blaster out the window of a speeding SUV in efforts to stop the bad guys from hunting him down—Funny, I could really see our President taking these measures, couldn’t you? lol
The interesting twist is that The White House attackers wanted the President ALIVE…THAT’T RIGHT! All the shooting, bombs, hostages, crying, fighting, bloody wounds and slaughter deaths in the process of taking The White House Down but the Commander in Chief had to be alive for the plan to work.
This story was fueled by the hurt of a father with a vendetta to avenge the President and country on behalf of his son, a fallen solider. 
Now I left a lot of GREAT things out in an honorable effort to avoid ‘spilling the beans’ or telling the movie but if what I’ve said here interests you, you will surely have a good time seeing this film. 
This movie is a reminder to us to watch those with whom we break bread and share with…after all they have the best understanding of why you are so great and in turn have the most genuine desire to take you down with a personal, internal attack that will leave you bewildered and confused from the results of their *attempted*… “Take Down”
This film is rated: #LetUsPray

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