when things come together…

I know that life can send you flying in a million different directions. I mean, I know that to be true just for a single person…I’m sure that life could probably send you in a trillion different directions if you have a spouse and children. But honestly, I’m starting to see that those millions and trillions of directions should not be embraced from a perspective of being hard pressed to manage them all. When you learn to go with the flow vs. trying to create the flow; when you make solid plans and aim to complete them vs. fluttering around from thing to thing trying to cover ever base; when you realize that not everything in your consciousness deserves attention vs. addressing everything that comes across your desk….When your life shifts in these ways, that is when you’re aligning yourself for things to come together.

Years of hustling and “trying to make it” can really wear at an ambitious heart; but with growth and maturity I have learned that before now, I had never defined what “it” was. Consider this, when you find yourself chasing “it” and trying to make “it”; most people haven’t even defined “it”. And when you go forward chasing something that you have not pinned and put a definition on, guess what happens, you’ll just keep chasing and chasing…never really feeling fulfilled or accomplished in reaching your goals. Know why? Because that “it” that you’re chasing will continue to change. It will continue to evade you because your goals are not solid. Think of it like being in a room full of puppies with different color collars(not sure where this analogy came from, but work with me). And each time that you go to chase a puppy, as soon as you get close, you’re instructed to run after one with a different color collar. Every time you get momentum the goal chances. If this sounds familiar to you it could be because you haven’t defined your goals and ambitions for yourself. You can’t look to your neighbor and seek guidance until you have already decided your road.

Once you get in your lane; it doesn’t matter your age, stage in life, occupation, status, how many degrees, how many cars, house or apartment…once you get in your lane, no one can touch your progress but you. Finding that lane is when things will come together. All of your work and efforts will suddenly have realized value and you’ll see that absolutely NOTHING you’ve seen or experienced has been in vain.

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