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When Opportunity Knocks: The 60th Grammy Awards

The Grammys

As I come down from my high off an amazing Grammy weekend in NYC, I write this post in disbelief. I am asking myself, “did that really just happen?” I have worked award shows before, attended them also; I even interviewed artists on the red carpet, but this time was different. This time I felt like I was really part of things; the stars are really starting to align.

So here is my 2018 Grammy experience. First, I woke up yesterday morning with no clue that I would ACTUALLY attend the event. That’s right! It was a last-minute thing. I got that the call that it was a “Go” when I was chilling at a coffee shop in Harlem, reading for my Evidence course. Imagine being in NYC for some “Grammy events” and then BOOM you’re at THE Grammy Awards. That was literally how things happened for me. I am still amazed. As a music lover and future entertainment attorney (with the intent to keenly focus on Music) this was mmmh, how do you say. . .EPIC! So it’s true that I attended, but it’s also true that I wasn’t dressed for the occasion. I had an ultimatum : 1) Get dolled up and risk missing the opportunity to attend or 2) Grab my things and go! I chose the latter. So there I am, school notes from my study session at the coffee shop earlier, leather jacket and boots and my cheery smile. As I nestled into my seat, it finally hit me. . . GIRL YOU’RE AT THE GRAMMYS!! WHO CARES WHAT YOU HAVE ON!! YOU HAVE A SEAT AT THE TABLE (or the GALA). If anything, it looked like I was there on business and actually I was! I took these here notes on my LIVE experience.

Seat Fillers
It was so interesting to see how the seat-filler process works. Imagine a group of well-dressed people rushing down the corridors of an arena in unison for the hopes of landing in great seats next to their favorite celebrity. I think the night turned out like that for some.

The Crowd
The Grammy attendees were posh. Google it! It was truly an event, celebrity to non-celebrity came in their VERY best. It was sorta like an adult prom. I have seen award shows before, but this was the crème dela crème.

The Production
Well-oiled machine. From where I was sitting (which was high up enough to see the entire flow of the show) everyone working meant business. The intermissions were brief, the sound was crisp, and the production team worked the floor like worker bees frantically doing the bidding of their beloved queen bee. A+.


Kesha! OMG. When I say her performance had everyone silent in awe. Had to be one of the most moving performances I have seen simply by virtue of her passion. You could FEEL her energy all through Madison Square Garden. It was clear to me that she had been victimized, taken advantage of, and manipulated in the past, as she has shared with the public. Watching her perform her song of prayer, forgiveness and moving forward was like watching a baby learn how to walk. She found her voice and reclaimed her strength on that stage.

Childish Gambino. At this point in the show I began to understand why these musicians/artists are considered the best in the industry! After his performance, I wanted to know him. His vocal performance was so clear, honest, and skilled. It felt refreshing and sweet.

Kendrick. I actually missed his live performance; BUT watching him win a Grammy really moved me. I started blogging after seeing him perform years ago in LA. That was the genesis; to watch him accept a Grammy made everything come full circle. I was stunned reflecting on how far we both have come on our respective paths ―yes, Kendrick is my favorite rapper. By the way, when he won Best Rap Album. . . the audience (celebs included) was aloof.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars. People went CRAZY over Cardi. What can I say? They are super stars. . . but together it was explosive! The only way to describe their performance is. . .(drum roll please) F**king AMAZING!!! I was out of my seat, dancing, and having a good ole time. It was great to see Cardi shine.

Sting & Shaggy. Were they brothers in a past life? Their mash-up performance was dope. They compliment each other well. Like two peas in a pod. A collaboration album should be coming soon?

Rihanna, DJ Khalid and Bryson Tiller. I really anticipated this performance! I am a huge Rihanna fan and have yet to see her live. This was a show stopping performance with the dancers, the lights, and sultry vibes. Honestly, the only thing that dampered this performance was Rihanna’s voice. My oh my, she sounded horrible. Despite the fact that I am a fan, she has to do better. Bryson did a solid job. DJ Khalid is always a hoot!

The Skit- The reading of the Michael Wolff’s Fire &Fury
The audience really enjoyed Snoop Dogg’s appearance in this skit but the audience erupted when they saw Hilary Clinton on the screen. You have to watch the clip to understand.

Needless to say, all’s well that ends well. The 60th Annual Grammy Awards was an amazing night! I love you, New York.

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