when I grow up

Funny how time flies. We all had an idea of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Some said a doctor, some said a lawyer, business owner…the list goes on. I encourage career goal setting it’s healthy; but as you grow more you know more! As we better understand ourselves and life each day, its normal for that first grade career goal to melt away or morph into something different.

Regardless of what you have decided to pursue or where you are in life now, I want you to know that there is always a chance to improve and reach your goals. I met a guy that told me he wanted to be a lawyer but time had passed and it just wasn’t going to work for him anymore. This is the saddest existence to live in. You know what you want. You have wanted the same thing since forever. Life throws some curve balls, time passes. You get things back on track and you still want the same things out of the life, but you feel so beaten down that you refuse to pursue your goals. As long as you’re living you have the power to achieve anything that you want. Don’t leave too many things undone. Finish what you started, even if it was only an idea.

No more time to put things off, you’re a grown up NOW! This life is meant to be lived so take the chance to actually do what you set out to do, you might surprise yourself !



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