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WERKIN’ and TWERKIN’: B vs.Rih

Video Courtesy of BritneySpearsVEVO

The Life As Shay Report:
Today it is up to you. You can get a side dish of “Workin'” or a plate full of “Twerkin'” just depending on how your day is going so far.
Me? I’ll take that “WORK!”
Britney Spears is back for your B**ches, letting you know that if you want the finer things in life “YOU BETTER WORK.” This video is reminiscent of her glory days in the early 2000s. The cinematography is showy with larger than life sets and flashy cars, OH YEA, and some killer sharks. Britney can’t quite move like she did in her “Slave for You” days but she is still serving-none the less.
I’m not posting Rihanna’s video people. It’s not work place friendly, find it on your own- Love, Shay 🙂
Rihanna‘s Pour it Up. Cool graphics, set and costume choices. I mean that is my politically correct synopsis of the things taking place in that mini peepshow. I mean, I can tell you about how beautiful she looked and how I loved her jewelery pieces but we all know what we came for–BY ALL MEANS, Rihanna and a few of her strippa friends TWERKIN’? No human-being could resist the urge. The pictures she released on Instagram as teasers leading up to the video’s official release were more captivating to me, if I am honest. However, I must say, SHE ‘WAS’ TWERKIN’. Dare I say Miley could hold her own here?

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