“Well, What It Sound Like?”: #LifeAsShay Goes Vocal w/ The @GernaeAdeleShow

Hello, My Beautiful Readers!
For this post we had to switch it up! You often READ my thoughts but today you get to HEAR me  vocally articulate my perspective on a few candid topics. Check out all the juice or TEA, which ever you prefer, from my visit to The Gernae Adele Show *The #1 Online Radio Show in the DMV for Entertainment Talk*!!!!
We covered reality show DRAMA, below the waist IMPLANTS and entertainment GOSSIP. No comment was left unsaid! Check it out NOW…ENJOY!
Oh, by the way, that is my natural speaking voice—interesting, I know.
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The Official #LifeAsShay Report—That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Remember, “Don’t take life too seriously, take it ONE DREAM at a time.”

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