Weezy Dreams…Beez in the #LakersTrap

Hey Love Angels,

Its ya girl Shay checking back in! I had an amazing night last night– I attended the Lakers v. Nuggets Playoff Game at the Staples Center. CRAY RIGHT! I thought so too! Especially considering how random it was. I got a call around 3:30 and boom I was in there. Thought about it for a minute and realized I wasn’t game day ready. I always imaged that for my first LAKERS game or any for that matter that I would be suited. I mean I was ‘oh I’m going to work today’ cute, but not bball game cute. And there is a HUGE difference-but please don’t worry I’m not drifting off into GROUPIELAND, but I do like to dress according to my plans…this wasn’t planned. But I made it WERK, WERK, WERK, WERK!

Funny ‘cause about two weeks ago I had a dream that I was at a Lakers game, ran into Weezy…he invited down to the floor- I let him know I didn’t want to appear to be one of his twinkes ‘cause I’m about my business! He loved my sentiments, we drank, laughed and had a merry time. The end. Well needless to say, I DID NOT run into Weezy—so none of that happened but I was def IN THE TRAP.

I don’t have to run the numbers of the game because I’m sure those who are interested in that tuned in last night– so instead I will give you some game night VIP SECTION *Weezy Voice* briefs….
Kobe is definitely the King. No doubts, no questions. He demands the ENTIRE arena. BOWW! Matt Barnes appears to have a temper/anger problem that we don’t have time to address here. EHHH! Number 35 of the Nuggets, whoever you are—the Locs. AYEE!( I don’t call them dreads because the origin of that name is dreadful- google it)

The Lakers girls were cute in their little purple sparkly numbers. Rhythm missed most of them, as is typical of sports dancers so its all good. There was a half time game where a guy had the chance to win $129,000 if he made a shot from half court– He didn’t make it–But I mean I can’t hate ‘cause Shaq couldn’t have done it either lol. If the Lakers won the audience was to win free tacos and ya’ll know how Los Angeles LOVES the tacos. Maybe I missed something ‘cause after a 104-100 win I walked out and didn’t have a taco voucher , but hey such is life!

I can say that the Nuggets put up a good fight and it was a back, back–forth and forth game towards the last quarter. At one point there was 3 minutes on the clock with 4 points disparity in the Lakers favor. I was there, I loved it, it was random and unforgettable. #LakersTrap

TTYL Love Angels,


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