Wale’s ‘BAD’ RIH-Remix: #LukewarmFire

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Well Hello,
I have a quick #LifeAsShay Report New Music Review for you guys. You may have heard the track by now but if not check it out, comment; let me know what you think…
Today I am giving you the REAL on Wale feat. Rihanna’s ‘BAD’ remix, “BAD” as in the title of the song, not “BAD” as in bad quality of the song OR, well…

I loved the original but I love the remix with just about the same zeal, especially considering it’s the exact  same song! From a musical stand point the stunning Ms. RIH-RIH didn’t quite BRING ANYTHING NEW to the track. WELL–I mean we know that she is a ‘GOOD GIRL GONE BAD’ so it makes the lyrical content more intriguing but she sang the same hook in the same tone and melody as the original songstress Ms. Tiara Thompson (who was actually just signed to Division1/Interscope Records—WOO, WOO!)
The original was so dope that a remix warranted a bit more originality and freshness. #noshade
I would have loved for Rihanna to remix it a bit more into her own but it still was a nice rendition of the original hit! RIH is known to beast any track and I could very well see this version topping the charts or just being a new favorite to fans for a few weeks.
It’s not a total SMASH for me but it’s a HIT, NO MISS for definitely. Nice progress for Wale as things come full circle in his career…at one point he was asking Jay-Z’s permission to use and sample Rih’s vocals for a track (‘Contemplate’, sampling Rihanna’s ‘Question Existing’) and now he got the live thing in studio, collabing.

I love to watch #thegifted excel.

My overall assessment this track is #LukewarmFire!

Check it out and let me know Shawty!

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