Virgin America: "Soul Plane" Safety Video

This past Thanksgiving Holiday I traveled home to visit my family. It was a much needed retreat but I could not have imagined that Virgin America Airlines would have given me a GREAT BIG SMILE before my flight even took off to my destination. 
“What is Shay talking about,” you ask? 
I’m talking about this mega-performance safely video that Virgin America has produced with the quality of a Beyonce production. 
The video went from their past safety video of the “animated, 3-D” variety to this new school “Glee.” 
Basically, you should fly Virgin America to experience this! The video was very informative, none of the essential information was missed, yet it was so fun to watch–especially if you love music! For me, this video takes the “Virgin America experience” over the top. It already feels like I am flying on “Soul Plane” with the dim, blue lighting and bubblicious attendants bouncing around. 
But the new safety video really lathers on the “SOUL.”
Picture this…the video starts with a group of sassy singing flight attendants with “Dream Girls“-style choreography.
Video Courtesy of movie clips
Then a scene right from Missy E. Elliot’s Work It video…jamming little kids dancing and rapping…but this time about the procedure for using the oxygen mask.
Video Courtesy of HQmvideo

And “Men-In-Black” robots explain the flotation device.
Video Courtesy of Lanceymelv
Virgin America even served up some Lady Gaga(Alejandro) with a singing nun.
Video Courtesy of LadyGagaVEVO
And “The Supremes” presented us with the emergency exit rundown.
Video Courtesy of lucyhuto
This and more random, oddly talented people, like a bendy-flexible lady and little boy with a “Shaft” deep voice, are featured in the video. It was beyond entertaining, too bad I forgot to put on my seat-belt watching the video. Ha!

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