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The Life As Shay Report:

Now when you listen to “Na Na” you think of an overly sexualized video with lots of women moving in slow-mo, long stares and sexy struts…and well, the video definitely delivers! BUT! It’s with a twist! After ending a date, Trey Songz‘s lady leads him into a weird back room that turns out to be this hot sweaty gym full of amazingly fit women that are there to work Trey out! And they do, they really do. There is hitting, lifting, bending, stretching…even yoga. We all know working out can be a very sexual activity but this proves why you fellas should watch out for your lady’s trainer over at the local gym. He might enjoy stretching with your boo more than you know.

At the end Trey’s leading lady gets a full on hump session in the most physically fit, lifting and tossing of the booty that I have ever soon. Check it out, trust me you will watch in awe.

Let’s go!

  • PoetED

    Music x Fitness x Women + Dj Mustard on the Beat… Pretty dope indeed… #YupYUp