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VIDEO ALERT: “THEY DON’T LOVE YOU NO MORE” DJ Khaled and Friends-But Wait…

The Life As Shay Report:

New Video Alert ba-bay! Have you heard, have you heard…the video for “They Don’t Love You No More” just hit the circuit and it’s fire….kinda literally. Well I really don’t recall fire, but the way Meek Mill opened the song and video was definitely hot! The DJ Khaled track features Meek Mill, Rick Ross, French Montana and Jay-Z.

Funny, when I turned the video on I knew it would be a miracle if Jay-Z was in it….they got to his verse and I hear his voice…BUT WAIT…he ain’t there.They just took turns pretending to be Jay-Z. The video was a cool, braggadocios, Miami video bursting at the seams with product placement. It kinda felt more like a commercial more than a video with all the ads but that was cut by the scene of Rick Ross and DJ Khaled shooting putt-putt golf from the roof of Maybachs.

But you didn’t have to worry about any damage to the couple hundred thousand dollar car ’cause Rick Ross is not Big Officer Ricky anymore…might still be a cop but he aint Big anymore. Long story made short…Meek Mill killed it and you may have a weird desire for Seagrams or MYX Moscoto when it’s over. BUT WAIT, one more thing, watch out for a special guest…


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