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Video Alert: “Superstar” Ja Rule- 7 Deadly Sins

The Life As Shay Report:

The moment I saw that Ja Rule had a new video, I damn near tossed my phone with excitement! JA RULE!!!! Poor baby used to run the music industry in the early 2000’s before 50 Cent came through with the Massacre (insert said face here). Any who, I was so excited to see and hear from Ja again…like man, I was itching to watch it. Then I watched it….(insert sad face here, again). What the heck was that? Really, ya’ll gonna have this man come back out with this Wangster- A$$ video. The budget was small-Fine, they could have done better than that for my mans though.

The song I wasn’t really feeling either, unfortunately—That’s cool though. I know I won’t like every single thing I hear but I just know that he has more to offer than this. When Ja watches this video I am sure that he reminisces on all the times he had flossing like a bad boy, but this video makes him look “bad, boy” (hahaha, ok, that’s enough). Shot in Vegas, the video showcases most of the 7 Deadly Sins…lots of drugs, sex, money, greed…ya know. The different color lighting exemplifies the different turns of a life in the streets…or a life as a “Superstar.” Ja Rule, as many others in his age group, has been drinking from the fountain of youth. Boy look young.

But chea, you can be the judge!

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