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VIDEO ALERT: “She Knows” Neyo feat. Juicy J-Milk and a Shake

The Life As Shay Report:

New Video “She Knows” Neyo featuring Juicy J. Boom! The beat drops and I can’t help but wish that this was an Usher song (he needs a hit right now ‘cause his concerts aren’t selling  ) Butchea, next thing I know I see strippers in a grocery store- The ultimate “Milk” and a “Shake”…how could you look away. The colors, setting and vibe of this video feels like “What’s Your Fantasy” by Ludacris…can’t really explain why. Tell me if you see it too.

It’s actually a comical video and he’s showcasing the “dancer” more than the “stripper” because these women are very acrobatic and athletic. They strategically chose woman who didn’t have “too much” junk in the trunk so it’s not so overwhelming.

Check it.

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