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VIDEO ALERT: “Multiply” A$AP Rocky- WTH?

The Life As Shay Report:

“What the hell??” That was the all I could muster after watching A$AP Rocky‘s video for “Multiply.” Like really A$AP? Is that what we are doing now, bringing art to the streets and marrying a whole boatload of oxymorons and anomalies with visually compelling delivery?

First off, all I could think of is how this guy is able to make rap entertaining. It is a known saying that rap shows and videos are boring…that there is not much energy to be had from it, unless you are DMX, Busta Rhymes or Mystikal of course. But this is definitely restoring the feeling. Think about it, what was the last Hip-Hop video that you watched and actually wanted to re-watch instantly…I’ll wait on it. Yup, the video probably featured A$AP Rocky (“Problem” and “Hold On We’re Going Home” just to name a few from last year.)

The first time I seen A$AP was in his video for “Peso” and I was floored at how entertaining a simple, around the way video could be. But “Multiply” takes things to a whole different level in the game. Well for starters, you have a scene where a guy is doing push-ups smoking a cig…it’s just so raw. Oh not to mention the lyrical content and flow. Good night!

WATCH IT, What do you think?

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