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Video Alert: Lady Gaga’s “G.U.Y.”- Lost in Neverland

The Life As Shay Report:

In typical Lady Gaga style, she takes viewers on an amazingly wild journey with her new video for “G.U.Y.” Just in case you miss it along the way…”G.U.Y” stands for Girl Under You. And towards the end of the video she is literally under some fine chocolaty man. They actually have an interestingly choreographed STEAMY-scene with grinding and rolling and pinning and some more stuff…so brace yourself. The video starts with what looks like a scene from Enron with men in business suits confused and fighting in a field of money. Poor ole Gaga is a wounded bird that makes it’s way to the steps of a palace…which appears to be Neverland! There she is buried in the pool but nuns or maybe not? Then she comes back to life as a white Lil Kim with a long (down to the ankle) wig and lots of friskiness to match. AND THEN, Michael Jackson rises from his coffin and Gaga turns into a lego-thingy.  BUT THEN, there is a group of “mature” women singing the song on steps. I don’t know, I was lost….again. But I will always watch Lady Gaga videos ’cause if nothing else it is certainly stimulating to the brain!

Tell me what you get from it…Go!

1 thought on “Video Alert: Lady Gaga’s “G.U.Y.”- Lost in Neverland

  1. Hahaha. Round of applause to Lady Gaga. She never disappoints. I don’t know if I like this video solely because I’m a big fan of Lady Gaga or because it’s just a pure genius video. Few parts made sense, others felt a lil random, but non the less I LOVE IT. Once again she shows her creativity and much respect on her creative expression. She’s never been scared to step outside of the music industries box. This generations Madonna?! Hmmmmmm… #YupYup

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