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VIDEO ALERT: K Camp feat. Lil Boosie, Too Short & YG “Cut Her Off” Remix- They Went Too Damn Far!!

The Life As Shay Report:

VIDEO ALERT- I just watched the newly released video for the K Camp Remix to “Cut Her Off” featuring Too Short, Lil Boosie and YG. To sum up the experience They went too damn far with it. I totally get the concept of the song and things, but…

I’m going to keep it 1,000 with ya’ll…I submitted to be on set for this very video so it was cool to watch the final product…AT FIRST. After about 10 seconds, I realized how grateful I was to not even be near a situation like that. I actually liked the original video “Cut Her Off”…I thought it was comical, a bit corky and light-hearted. This remix, however, was cold-blooded disrespectful! They went too damn far!

And if you must know, just like in the video, some women really do get treated like that out here (in LA)- especially at “Celeb Mansion” parties and in the club scene YIKES!

But chea, the first thing Too Short says is “I am daddy…I brought you in the world, I will take you out.” Like Wheetttt?? It was cool to see Lil Boosie– No Lie…but damn, I wish it wasn’t amongst all that clutter. And by clutter I mean foolery and BS-set with the full purpose of degrading women to the highest power. They went too damn far mane!

The worst was a scene where Too Short is sitting on a throne and the women are all lined up to “show their worth” to him. The take turns shaking their boobs and a$$ in his face to see if they will be “CHOSEN.” MY GAWD!! Talk about objectifying women, this is sad as hell…especially when most of the people in the video and on set probably have daughters. Where your head at people?

I could go on but I would much rather you watch and tell me what you think?

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