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The Life As Shay Report:

The visuals for SZA’s “Julia” come shortly after the release of “Divinity” with Jill Scott and if nothing else is to be said….TDE is working overtime. The video for “Julia” does not break away from the norm for SZA… very calming, sweet, sentimental moments captured with an innocent sexuality that could be confused with sheer oblivion to the fact that she is amazingly beautiful.

Like most work from the TDE camp, especially SZA and Ab-Soul, don’t expect to understand what you hear or see the first go around but the hypnotizing coos reminiscent of the late 80’s is enough to make you watch and listen over and over again!
The video follows SZA are she roams through an exotic rug warehouse, as she wanders the beach and sings with sweet agony against a white backdrop…and yet, its WAY MORE CAPTIVATING than the half-naked videos we are inundated with on a regular basis. Finally a woman with some substance. The latter half of the video drifts into the song “Tender”…

Check it out!

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