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Video Alert: J.Cole’s “G.O.M.D.”-House Negro Brilliance

The Life As Shay Report:

Directed by Lawerence Lamont. That is the first thing I need to get off my chest! This video was so much more than I could have expected. Let me back up, well first…the name of the song is “G.O.M.D.” (Get Off My D*ck) and the beat is crazy so I expected something with a little less meaning, may the club? Well fool me once…shame on you! J.Cole‘s G.O.M.D. was set in 1850s south, on a plantation. J.Cole is a “house negro”(the lighter skin slaves were tasked with duties in the home.) That’s just the start, most of the song he doesn’t even rap to the lyrics, it so much more about the story and message. I love how the African American story, struggle and fight for civil justice is reemerging in the arts. It’s so necessary. But J.Cole…BRILLIANT. J.Cole deserves an honor for even going there. You see movies, and that’s wonderful but to give youth a 5-minute peek into the life and types of slaves on a plantation set to dope-ass music…I mean it really gets no better in my eyes.

I mean watch the video and you will see. In the end he frees his fellow brothers and sisters and they celebrate their liberation to the song’s break.

GOSH! It’s so awesome:

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