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Video Alert: “I WANT THE LOVE” PUFF DADDY & MEEK MILL- Made Me Say Shoop

The Life As Shay Report:

Puff Daddy is back people! New video just released from Puffy, “I Want The Love” featuring Meek Mill. The video is a grandiose take of a weekend in The Swiss Alps. Can’t really say that I expected anything less. Lots of snow, beautiful women with “coyote” eye make-up (yes, I went there), even a couple of wolves. The build-up to the song is so climatic as Puffy explains why he hates funerals…he’s like give me the love now, not when I die stupid. Of course with Meek Mill and his love for dirt bikes, he looked like he had the time of his like on the snow jets. The chorus, “I WANT THE LOVEEEEE…” part is kinda annoying but hey, I been loving Puffy since ’93. Basically when the video came on I heard Whitney Houston‘s “Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” in my head…(Everyone falls, in love sometimes. Sometimes it’s wrong…sometimes it’s right. Shoop, Shoop!)

Let’s go!

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