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VIDEO ALERT: “Early in the Morning” Ashanti feat. French Montana- “WHAT??”

The Life As Shay Report:

Back in the day I was so pressed over Ashanti and her self-titled debut album was one of my favorites of the early 2000’s. Even when people said she couldn’t sing I still would ride with her because her music was good and her personality is beautiful. But “WHAT?”…what the heck is going on now? She making me regret my earlier decision mane…lol jk. But really…

I know that she is independent now and does everything in-house or through contracting but really ma? Your day one fans know better and seen better. 1st off, the song and lyrics get a big “WTH?” from me and the production of the video is just not right. Am I being too harsh… “WHAT? Heck naw!”

Check out the video for “Early in the Morning” Ashanti featuring French Montana. What do you grade it?

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