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VIDEO ALERT: “Diamonds” Common feat. Big Sean- AYE AYE AYE

The Life As Shay Report:

New Video from Common featuring Big Sean “Diamonds.” I didn’t know what to expect but the visuals are more than captivating…someone was talking to me when while I watched and I accidentally…totally by accident, screamed “What!?” My bad.

So the black and white video shows Common and Big Sean performing and their silhouettes fade in and out from their actual beings to backdrops of Chicago or images taken right from the lyrics. So dope! I can honestly say… “Nothing like it, I haven’t seen anything like it yet.”

Right around the 1:30 mark I start to get chills…I’m like “Wow, I really mess with this song. My spidey senses have confirmed.” THEN!! Big Sean goes…”AYE, AYE, AYE”…and then he does it more and more and more. And I slowly felt my buzz wither up. The song would be so much more solid without that part. It was that rambling people do when they don’t have anything good to say. But Big Sean’s chorus and verse were actually good, so why I ask hahaha! Common and Big Sean were looking the same age on the screen though hahaha…Common looking younger and Big Sean looking mid- 30’s.

Speaking of the verses, they both killed it for me. I like it!


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