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Video Alert: “Closure” Ab-Soul- Polarizing

The Life As Shay Report:

Ab-Soul dropped the visuals for “Closure” off of his official TDE EP These Days. To many, this is the first time they are seeing and hearing Ab-Soul and with that, this song selection was very risky. It is not a club-banger or a catchy radio jam…it’s a very emotional, thoughtful song and video about him dealing with a spoiled relationship, and honestly…I wasn’t ready.

You get to really sit down and see Ab-Soul with no hoody, no glasses, no hat…and he looks like a completely different person. He jumped out the gate with a very emotional, real video. If you can’t connect with him from this, you probably never will. This song is very basic to Ab-Soul‘s standards…his mind is bigger than life, he can talk philosophy, numerology and some more with best of them.

Check it out. It will move you, either closer or push you away. This video and song was meant to polarize.

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