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VIDEO ALERT: “Can’t Remember to Forget You” Shakira feat. Rihanna REVIEWED

The Life As Shay Report:

Finally!!! I could not wait for this video to surface. This catchy, witty song will have you singing along…even when you don’t want to. The video focuses tightly on Shakira and Rihanna‘s beauty and “forever beach-ready” bodies. The visuals are sweet, yet animalistic as they serenade the camera, grind against walls and shake it in tassle dresses. Are “LESI-HONEST” scenes on and popping in this one? They definitely show some girl-on-girl love but I interpret it as such…they are twins, mirroring each other throughout the video. So when they finally come face-to-face…it’s more like “Hey, are you real? I’m just like you and you’re just like me. We can’t remember to forget him.”

What do you think?

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