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The Life As Shay Report:

Video Alert! Jeezy drops visuals for “Black Eskimo” from his latest album, Seen It All. The video is luxuriously bare boned…scaled back on the set but extravagant with the cars, jewelry, clothes and props. No, I didn’t see any eskimos…that would have been fun! But he did have snow wolves and girls with sweater masks. He took it below freezing with all his jewels though, I was like “SO ICEY ENTERTAINMENT??” He had on about four iced out watches, about 30 plus pounds in chains and that’s just the tip of of the ICEberg (insert laughter here). Looks like Jeezy is STILL the snow man…“whippin’ that work.” S/O to the old school stove they put in the video too. Only thing missing was pots and pans.

The video was neither here nor there for me but because Jeezy is always so smooth, I had to acknowledge.

Let’s go!

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