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VIDEO ALERT: Big Sean’s “Ashley” To Kill a Predator


The Life As Shay Report:

Off Big Sean‘s Hall of Fame album, he released the video for “Ashley.” As reviewed by The Life As Shay Report, this track is one my favorite from the album. With help from Miguel, Big Sean shares his memories of a “pre- Naya Rivera” relationship. The song is sweet and smooth, full of thoughtful memories, adoration and regret for unfair treatment and infidelity…BUT!

The video throws the song in a completely different direction. The context remains but the visuals takes the video from sweet and smooth to dark, graphic and crude. We watch as an unfaithful Big Sean is sabotaged by a girlfriend that chose to take revenge! The girlfriend and her new lover kidnap Big Sean, beat him to a bloody pulp, drug him, tie it up and share intense love-scenes in front of him…and then repeat.

The love predator becomes the prey.

Big Sean is forced to fight back, watch to see where it lands him.

The morbid theme has a sharp comparison to J. Cole‘s “Power Trip.” The common denominator here is Miguel…is Miguel involved in these complex conceptual videos of tragedy and “balancing the scales?” I would love to ask him.

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