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VIDEO ALERT: “BANG BANG” Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj- Ariana is the main Concern

The Life As Shay Report:

The much anticipated video for “Bang Bang” Jessie J featuring Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande has finally been released. The buzz for the song and video was stolen a bit by Nicki Minaj’s whole “Anaconda” situation but now that the video is out people have lotsss to say.

I watched it and I thought it was DOPE! It’s a very stimulating video that clearly is mean to appeal to the senses with its fun loving, candy-type theme of assorted colors, ice creams and popsicles, “hot summer day, cool summer night feel.” Before the video, the song felt like it belonged to all of the ladies but after watching, it’s pretty clear that it’s Jessie J’s song dammit. Ariana Grande is grown now, no matter how long she wears that pony or how sweet and innocent her face is. Nicki Minaj, I feel like she was toned down and gave the other ladies the chance to really shine. Jessie J, ran the thing like a boss. Those are my comments…but check out what people around the web had to say about it, looks like every’ s main concern is Ariana… What do you thing?

They just had to twerk…Our generation is so screwed…Soooo screwed!-supernatoman
” I’m not comfortable enough to be forwardly sexual.” – Ariana Grande
^I see that^-LuvElaYay

Why is it so hard for people to get over the fact that Ariana is 21 and a grown up woman? Give her a break, she can do what she wants-Eline Swarts

This Video: “Omahgah, Ariana is wearing a croptop and some bikini shorts, she is such a whore and a slut. . . she so anorexic, she is not sexy at all”

Anaconda Video: ” YASSSSS, go Nicki, it is totally fine with you being half naked, twerking, and saying ‘fuck skinny bitches’, she is so sexy”

sigh this generation.- _ Mickey _

I understand that they are all “grown up” and stuff, but this video is inappropriate, and downright stupid. Hate me all you want, but this is just ridiculous. -Danielle Mendiola

Ariana is the new Mariah Carey and Jessie is the new Christina aguilera and nicki is just nicki-Marymcgovernn

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