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Video Alert: “Anaconda” Nicki Minaj- Her Arse Steals the Show and Captures Hearts

The Life As Shay Report:

“My Anaconda don’t, My Anaconda don’t…” Well now it all makes sense as to why Nicki Minaj released that “bare-arsed” picture in promotion of her “Anaconda” single a few weeks ago. I still think it is and was tasteless but when you see the video it comes full circle. NOW! For all you kiddies that don’t have a clue, she samples Sir-Mix-A lot’s hit (maybe his only hit-no shade) “Baby Got Back.”

Nicki, following in the theme of the sample, has the song and video themed towards “Cake, Booty, Donka-Donk, Cheeks”…or whatever else you decide to call it! I must say, the video was rather captivating. It will definitely steal 5-minutes of your life that you will never-ever get back. And I promise you, the ENTIRE time that you are watching you won’t move an inch or blink lid.

Now, I am telling you…don’t watch this at work or even alone where there is a chance that someone could walk up on you. It would be all bad! Hahaha! Shoutout to the people that can’t wait and will watch it anyway. The discussion of how real/fake Nicki Minaj’s backside is should be put to bed. Her body is amazing- FACT. And real or fake, her butt-butt steals the show and captures hearts every time-FACT. The lust and hypnotic spell has transcended ages and genders…she got the whole world wanting a piece. My Gawd! AND PLUS, Drake gets a lap dance in the video…got the fellas really fantasizing. What a way to notch up the WOW FACTOR!
Don’t let your little sisters and cousins’ watch. Be responsible adults, people hahahaha!

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