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VIDEO ALERT: Aloe Blacc’s “THE MAN”- The 1960’s Revisited

The Life As Shay Report:

Check out Aloe Blacc‘s NEW video for his hit song, “The Man.” This video is top-heavy on product placement but that does not undermine the beauty of the song and the multilayered concept of the “short film” that captures the times and sentiments of the 1960’s. The visuals revisit several stories of people being passionate and brave…or for lack of better words, being “THE MAN.” There is a scene of the youth rioting for change, a boxer taking the main stage and a march for Civil Rights.

The mellow song and video takes me on a journey through difference experiences, one scene reminds me of the 1990’s hit sitcom A Different World. Then another scene of Aloe performing feels like I’m watching the film Ray. But there is an unmistakable reenactment of Malcolm X passing through a crowd of reporters that takes my breath away.

Malcolm x

Aloe then turns into Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., capturing the image below.


Catch a snapshot of American History with Aleo Blacc as he revisits the 1960’s:


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