turning corners

I have to admit it hahaha! I have been completely off track with my daily runs. It’s basically down to a biweekly thing, and that’s a good week. But this morning, I woke up early enough to squeeze in a little run and was inspired. As I was running through the streets of my neighborhood, Bedstuy, I turned a corner and thought for a split second how life is full of corners. That moment right before you turn the corner and you don’t know what you’re going to see when you get to the other side. The moment when you brace yourself because you could walk right into someone turning the same corner from the opposite direction. Not sure why on this particular morning I was more conscious of that slither of anxiety that I feel before turning corners, but I was.

It’s kinda like opening a surprise gift, turning the page of a really good book or buying a magazine for a featured article on someone you admire. It’s that tinge of the unknown mixed with certainty that what awaits you around that corner is nothing that you can’t handle.

Keep turning corners.


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