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Top 5 Miguel Collabs-For No Reason At All

The Life As Shay Report:

How random, I have no idea why I was hearing Miguel’s music in head all morning long. So in honor of my fellow unsystematics I want to share my top 5 Miguel collaborations- For No Reason At All. Let’s Go!

How Many Drinks-Miguel feat. Kendrick Lamar

You ever have a song that you literally can listen to a billion, bagillion times and you never get tired? This is one for me. The song sounds uniquely delectable every single time, how does that happen? Needless to say I know every word, ad-lib and sound made on this track hahaha!

Ashely Big Sean feat. Miguel

Miguel makes this song so amazing beautiful. This is a mental cinema.

Hoe-Jhene Aiko feat. Miguel

First of all, who makes a song titled “HOE” sound like angels? These two! Perfect combination. This is the type of music they should play when you are being taken under to get your teeth pulled.

Primetime- Janelle Monae feat. Miguel

This song is euphoric. This song could stop a train. That’s all I got.


Power Trip- J.Cole feat. Miguel

Miguel candy coats this song. Period.


Did I miss any of your favorites? Talk to me.

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