time to get active #AltonSterling

By now you may have not only HEARD the news of Alton Sterling, an AFRICAN AMERICAN father of five who was shot to death by Baton Rouge officers, but I am sure that you’ve also SEEN the video footage. A bystander captured footage, clear as day, of cops shooting Sterling at point blank range…while he was already apprehended.

I want to share an excerpt from my law school admission essay. This is what I have to offer. Please don’t get caught up in just posting and hash tagging people like that will change anything. It wont. I know what happened and it’s likely that most of your followers on social media know what happened too. No need to repeat the horrid reality to the same audience and allow it to fall on deaf ears. It’s important to share your thoughts and show your concern but really “its time to get active…”

“The epiphany came in 2013 with the upsurge of publicized incidents of black males being killed and/or victimized by white law enforcement officials. I felt an unyielding desire to be involved beyond the occasional social media “repost” and “hashtag” that has become commonplace amongst millennials advocating for change. I knew that I had to actively participate in the conversation, to lead programs and; to advocate for justice and a soothing of racial tensions. Entertainment law is undeniably stimulating, but the pursuit of civil rights and justice is much more gratifying. The epiphany: “My affinity to enrich others would best be served formulating strategies and campaigns founded in hedging injustices.”

So with my first rally for justice (for Trayvon Martin), I better understood my purpose. Rallying there among diverse people all united for justice, I could finally reflect on the Civil Rights Movement and the efforts of leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and declare that I truly understand the unwavering desire to actively pursue equality and justice for all. In that moment, at my first rally for Justice, I tasked myself with the diplomatic pursuit of civil rights, justice and social awareness for individuals and communities that lack adequate representation.”- Law School Admission Essay, Jan 2016


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