#ThrowbackThursday THE “FINGER” BUS: 90’s Goodness!

Video Courtesy of VengaboysChannel·

The #LifeAsShay Report is in for today, Thursday, September 26, 2013.
“The Finger Bus” is what I called this song, and I remember LOVING the video, the energy and the dance moves–Waaay back when. Interestingly enough, I learned TODAY that the song is NOT called “The Finger Bus” it’s called “We Like To Party (The VengaBus)” by VengaBoys. As you can imagine, that could be very confusing to a young child (I was a kiddo when this came out).  What the heck is a “VengaBus”? Sounds more like “Finger Bus”, right?
I used to sing “The Finger Bus is COM-ING and everybody’s PUMP-ING…” while I jumped around trying to do the dances from the video.
Check out  the video and reminisce on what you were up to when this song/video dropped…many, many moons ago. Or, maybe you weren’t even born to have memories to reminisce on, well if that’s you–you can thank me later for exposing you to some serious “90’s Goodness!”


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