THROWBACK- VITA “Who That Chick Be?” Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Had Me

The Life As Shay Report:

Well, looks like it’s Thursday again and we have a Throwback for ya! Who, besides me, has been trying to get into the new show Sisterhood of Hip-Hop? It’s cool to see female MCs try to break into the industry but it also makes me ponder on what they have to offer to the game and what really makes them different. Unfortunately, I don’t really see it…but I am not biased! I’m committed to sticking around the entire season to see what they really working with.

But then my mind went to the past generation of female rappers, and I thought…”Damn, What about Vita?” Ya’ll remember Vita? She was signed to Murder Inc, came up under Ja Rule and had a role in the film Belly. That’s all I recall but that didn’t stop her from making a solid impression.

THROWBACK!!! “Who that chick be?”

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