THROWBACK: to Future with YC’s “Racks”

The Life As Shay Report:

Today’s Throwback comes from my Mimi Me. My little sister decided to support me as a guest blogger today…check it out.

Remember when everyone used to be on YC not YG, but YC for his hot single “Racks”. I used to crack jokes with my friends like, “guess what I got? Not a juice box, not fruit snacks, but racks on racks on racks.” Well did you all catch a tall producer turned rapper in the video? I did when I had the video on replay the other day. I spotted Future, he wasn’t known then but he is now. “I’m just being honest…” but I think he spit way better then because now he sound like the title of his single with Drake.- Kaylan B.


1 thought on “THROWBACK: to Future with YC’s “Racks”

  1. Producer turned rapper?! Say what?! I didn’t know Future use to produce. Learn something new everyday… This song was it back then. Future took off from this. YC not so much… #YupYup

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