#THROWBACK- “There ain’t no party like a S CLUB 7 PARTY”

The Life As Shay Report:
My people, when I tell you I could not wait until #THROWBACK THURSDAY! Earlier this week something sparked my memory of S CLUB 7 and I had a marathon looking at clips from their old show, S Club 7 in Miami, and listening to their songs.  I literally would tune into ABC Family every Saturday morning in anticipation for their show!
Who is S Club 7?
The Best British Pop Group EEVVEERRR (2nd only to THE SPICE GIRLS-OF COURSE).
 I can not even think of another band that 1. Had 7 group members 2. Had guys and girls. 3. Starred in a sitcom filled with new music and singing.
Ohh, man!! These were the good days, memories. Their music makes me feel young and carefree, takes me right back to my childhood. This is the definition of SING-A-LONG music.
Let me take you back in time with a couple of my favorite S Club 7 songs *S Club Party & Never Had a Dream Come True*  It’s corny but soooo much fun!
 Video Courtesy rachelstevens7
Video Courtesy rachelstevens7

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