THROWBACK: Naughty by Nature’s “Jamboree”- feat. Schoolboy Q’s Bucket Hat

The Life As Shay Report:

As usual, today’s Throwback was inspired by something. In this case, the Throwback was inspired by Schoolboy Q‘s Bucket Hat. I don’t know where…I don’t know why…and I am not sure how. But his damn hat made me think of Naughty By Nature’s “Jamboree.” Watch the video and tell me Q’s bucket hat doesn’t deserve a cameo. Closing out a strong first week of sales and buzz following the release of his debut album, Oxymoron…today’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to Schoolboy Q‘s Bucket Hat:

I know I Jam, I know I JAM JAM!

Video Courtesy of stephen collier Splish

  • PoetED

    CLASSIC HIP-HOP… Man they don’t make songs like these anymore… #YupYup