The Life As Shay Report:
I’m not sure if you guys are ready for this THROWBACK but I have to do it. I am taking you back to the EARLY 80’s-Junior:Mama Used to Say. I love this song! I am amazed at how these songs have stuck with me through the years, ESPECIALLY those hit songs released before I was born.
I present to you Junior Giscombe aka Junior. He ushered in the 1980’s wave of British R&B, made popular in the US. Junior‘s number one hit is Mama Used to Say (1982). Today is my first time seeing this video, it’s so cool to see the visuals for songs YEARS and YEARS….and YEARS after the fact.
This was so innovative for it’s time. I see alot of today’s “off-the-wall” animated video concepts right here.Watch and learn.
Video Courtesy of Ignazio Deddu

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