THROWBACK: Bow Wow’s “Puppy Love”- Getting Ready for Summer

The Life As Shay Report:

The weather is breaking and this is the perfect time for people to start breaking loose from their winter boos. As I enjoy this warm sunny day in LA, one song came to mind for today’s THROWBACK…Bow Wow’s “Puppy Love” off his 2000 debut album, Beware of Dog. This takes me back to the days when I had Bow Wow and B2K posters on my wall and I had to have tickets to every concert when they passed through DC.  Today’s warm weather and the expected “act-up” that many people are about to experience with the weather change has inspired today’s selection. HAHAHA

“You can’t believe, not a word that I be saying to you…it’s plain to see, girl I just be playing with. Girl you and me, see, it’s Just Puppy Love.”- Bow Wow

I feel like people around the globe are saying these exact words to their boos in an attempt to free up for the summer months. Is it you?

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