THEY TALKIN: KIDD CUDI “Hip-Hop is Holding Us Back” (Interview)

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A few days ago Kid Cudi visited The Arsenio Hall Show for a performance and full interview. Firstly, I didn’t even recognize Cudi up there looking like a black Bart Simpson, but that’s neither here nor there! Hahaha JK. The meat of the matter was the candid interview where Cudi addressed his fellow Hip-Hop artists. According the Cudi all the bragging about “money, cash, hoes” is holding us back and stunting the Black Culture. So I took to the Tube to see what people were saying, and you better believe “They Talkin'”

The Arsenio Hall Show

He’s right.. The whole money hoes and clothes gimmick has gone on for long enough. It’s gotten to a point where being ghetto/hood isn’t cool anymore. It’s a cultural trend that was very popularized in the 90s/00s, but it was also very destructive…-killsourenemy

its not HIP HOP thats holding us back. Its the Label telling these artist to do a certain kind of music. Come on cudi you of ALL people should started a new genre of rap when you came out. So wtf are you talking about? And when was the last time this dude did a traditional “Hip Hop” song..lets be real though. I’m a fan but i hate that you gave such a deluded statement on Rap on this huge out-let. Smh. –devuche1

Amen. Finally someone says how it is.-Robert DeNigro

Any culture that promotes: Hate, Misogyny, Violence, Worship of Money, Rape, Drug Dealing, I would argue is not a culture that should be allowed to exist.

So basically we are talking about %80 of the worlds cultures.-M Valentine



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  1. Interesting… I agree wit Kid Cudi on some points as well as devuche1 on some points… I think what it all boils down to is “Hip Hop” has always been a genre where an artist (formerly known as Poets) could express themselves and their truths of every day life. Hip Hop has become more Rap over the last years due to the fact artist glorify things like “money, cash, hoes, etc.” which tends to not exist in everyday life, only in the music videos. Is it a artist fault thought that they sign a contract with a record label in order to provide income and a new lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones but are controlled by the stipulations of that contact? Most of the time contracts stating that the record label controls the music and have a say in what gets released? So if you not talking “money, cars, hoes, etc.” then the chances of a label releasing your music and you being able to make some income is slimmmmmmm… Hip Hop has lost it’s voice of Poetry but it’ll make it’s way back… #YupYup

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