#TheCurl & #TheFail!

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This time last week I was a “Curls Girl” in collaboration with TLK Fusion for the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Curls Hair Products. The event was hosted by Tia Mowry at the Rolling Stone Lounge in Hollywood and celebs were buzzing around the place the entire night. The venue was stylish and modern with draping chandeliers and plush cream sofas encircling the main floor. There was fondue, drinks over flowing, a DJ on deck and a live performance by Austin Brown (M.J.’s nephew).

My responsibility was to be cute and carry a tray of Curls Hair Products around the party, allowing celebrators to familiarize themselves with the products and ask questions. I knew my role and I played it well, but I have to tell you it took everything out of me to make it to the venue and get prepared-ON TIME! End of my day 6:00pm, “Orange Carpet” 7:00-8:00pm, Start time 8:00pm…do the math, it doesn’t add up! I had an hour/ hour & a half at most, to get to the venue and get ready! How though??? First of all-I had no idea how my hair would turn out because I wore twists all day in order to achieve the “curliest curl” possible. Unfortunately that was a fail, but that was just the beginning of my losing streak. I had a new brand of eyelashes for the event, “no bueno senorita”-the strip was flimsy and made for a mess during the application process. The shoes I planned to wear did not compliment the provided top (Ladies you know how an outfit looks great in the minds view but when it’s actually on-sometimes it doesn’t flow) #TheFail!

Check out the pic of me balancing my tray of products, yup-right after that pic I “failed” all over the floor and my products went too! Embarrassing- but all was not lost because the event turned out to be superb. Four chocolate covered strawberries and a few compliments later- I was back to the usual Shay and all was right with the universe. In parting partygoers received goodie bags loaded with Curls Hair Products, spa vouchers, make-up, Oh! and I cant forget the tried-and-true Hollywood Special “Weight Loss Support Bar!”

All in all #TheCurl & #TheFail ended as #TheCurl & #TheHail.

So long for now Curly Love Angels.

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