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The Wolf on Wall Street on “PILLZ”

The Life As Shay Report:

Yes, I am late…I just watched The Wolf on Wall Street for the first time this weekend. And the movie was great, as I am sure you have seen or heard by now…but there was one scene that was just so climatic for me, I had to come back and write on it.

There is a scene where Jordan Belford (Leonardo Dicaprio) is tripping on prescription drugs (Lemons). When I say tripping, I don’t mean “oh being confused, lethargic blah, blah”…I am talking a real life trip. Now for all the people wondering what a bad trip looks like, here is your shot! The scene is hilarious is a dark twisted way….and what song do I hear in my head as I watch the scene? Gucci Mane “Pillz”

FACT: When someone says “they’re rolling”, that means pill popping boo boo.  Please note that I do not condone drug use, it can be dangerous folks!

The Wolf on Wall Street Clip

Gucci Mane-“Pillz”

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