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The Standard: #One-of-A-Kind

The Life As Shay Report:

Sunday was the last night of LA Fashion Week baby and I got to witness one of the most eclectic, eccentric #One-of-A-Kind shows! SABINE de Brumes traveled from New York to present her ‘Swim & Dream Wear’ line. This line is definitely one for the more mature woman with its understated black and white flow of patterns and monochromatic pieces. To rock these pieces you have to know and love your body. The swimsuits were beautifully made and compliment the woman’s figure. The collection excelled at presenting a range of pieces that would make any woman, of any size feel confident and sexy (beachside or bedside—note the name ‘Swim & Dream Wear’). 

The start of the show was signified by a woman singing opera ON STILTS…that was just the beginning and out came the models…strutting down the runway BAREFOOT (yea, I said it). Think about it, its genius, this is ‘Swim & Dream Wear’…who wears shoes in the pool or in the bed??? Tehehe 🙂. The collection included the classic style two-piece suits, plunging v-neck one-pieces, floor-length, thigh-high split cover-ups/gowns each of which incorporated some of SABINE de Brumes’ signature style.

The models of all shades and sizes wore Cleopatra style cuts and natural glowing makeup as they graciously glided along the runway with a landing strip of grass planted in the center.  Even more interesting was the LIFE SIZE ‘Chia-Pet’ garden shrubs in the center of the runway! Can someone say Edward Scissorhands! I mean honestly, the excitement and amusement continued to build and I loved it! This show was so fun and carefree yet mature and well-stated—A VERY BOLD COMBINATION that has earned this collection the title of #One-of-A-Kind.” The tunes were drums beating away to a rhythm that increased with intensity and just as the suspense could build no more–the drums mellowed to a steady heart-beat tempo. I would definitely describe this show as having transcended peace and the essence of nature and calm.
The Venue: The Standard Hotel in Downtown LA is a great location to hold events and this Fashion Show proved it.  This was my first time being at this landmark location, such a breathtaking rooftop view of the DTLA with an origami shaped pool, dazzling bars, modern décor, and get this—WATERBED CANOPIES! I would say that this venue is very diverse and can accommodate an array of events! By golly I think I found another spot that I will crown as one of my #LA FAVS. This place does not skimp on design, just walking in you feel fancy.  When in LA you should surely visit!!

The Standard #One-of-A-Kind ACHIEVED. 

My Inexplicable Life as Shay.



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