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THE SOCIAL EXPERIMENT:CHANCE “the talent” *Concert Review*

The Life As Shay Report:
December 19, 2013 | Club Nokia at LA LIVE.
Chance The Rapper’s Social Experiment Tour.
Before I get into the awesomeness that I experienced at the SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, I need to mention that this was the last show of the tour and he went out with a FLIPPING BANG!
So I arrive to the venue, a little later than expected, as goes the story for outings in LA (just too much traffic and not enough parking). Any who, I arrive and get carted off to my balcony seat. The view was love but if you EVER, EVER, EVER get a chance to see Chance The Rapper live, get general admission tickets (if that’s an option). His show is so live and action-packed, it’s worthy of being smashed together with a bunch of strangers for the sake of really feeling the vibe and experiencing how is music moves people.
Ok, so we wait and then we wait some more. And then BOOM. Out comes Chance The Rapper, crisp white button down and snap-back. He starts the show like a GOT DAMN BALL OF FIRE, so you realize immediately that you’re in for a “Good Ass” show. Basically, I had one of the best nights of my musical life and I need you all to understand why.
It was an electrifying experience. The live band was epic…yea, people have keyboardists and drummers but who really has a full range of brass instruments to back them up? Chance’s music is full of energy and he and his band (together known as the Social Experiment) served every inch of Acid Rap on that stage last night. I urge you to take a second to check the mixtape out, the first song will have you addicted.
A few times Chancepulled away as if the show was ending but he reemerged to give us just “One More Song.” He did “one more song” about 4 times and the surprise element of feeling like we were getting more time to see this Chi-Town super-talent kept the crowd on their toes. Young and old, everyone was rocking out.
Mmmh. Let’s say this…imagine Jackson 5, Busta Rhymes and Mystikal wrapped up into this amazingly unique talent.  Chance The Rapper, more like Chance The Talent…he was singing, dancing, juking, jumping and rapping, I think I saw some Martial Arts in there too. Besides the phenomenal performance, his latest mixtape, Acid Rap is one of my most favorite bodies for work. I mentioned it a few months ago —>
Why Jackson 5? ‘Cause he was dancing and singing something serious. Sorta like this…. (Oh and he looks like little Michael Jackson forreal forreal)
Video Courtesy of ellenjackson1
How can you go wrong making people feel like they’re watching the Jacksons?
 But then…Why Busta Rhymes? ‘Cause his energy was comparable to this:

Video Courtesy of Moertler

Why Mystikal? ‘Cause his voice is just as matchless!

Video Courtesy of MusicJams18
After over an hour of quality show time, Chance had run through most of Acid Rap, a few tracks from 10 Day and a new song that he used to conducted a “social experiment” on the audience with. When it was over my expectations had been met. I figured that if someone could be THAT CREATIVE and FULL OF LIFE , there is no way that their shows could be sleeper. I was right.
In person Chance is just as humble and down to earth as you would imagine.
“Chance The Talent.”

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